Our Investment Philosophy

We believe there is economic value in sustainability. We maintain that companies focused on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits will be better positioned for the risks and opportunities of the future than those focused on profits alone. We believe in a long term perspective. Companies that look further out than the quarterly reporting cycle can invest in more projects that build value for the firm over time. We believe that markets work well, and price available information. More information, including environmental, social, and governance factors, can make markets work better. We build portfolios of companies that use sustainability to drive value, take a long term perspective and are open and transparent.

The Future is Better

What is the situation.

We believe that humans are damaging the planet but that this situation is reversible.
We believe we have the knowledge and the technology required to live sustainably.
We believe that we should move more quickly to employ these technologies.
We believe our challenge is simply overcoming inertia, and the vested interests that protect the status quo.
We avoid change when it’s unfamiliar but we embrace it when we understand.
We believe that when people learn how, they will want to make sustainable choices.
We believe those choices are healthier, more fun, cheaper long term, and simply better.

What we should do.

We believe capitalism is a powerful force, and will create the solutions we need.
We believe the current ‘maximizing shareholder value’ mantra is not serving us well.
We believe a ‘maximizing stakeholder value’ philosophy is a better approach.
We believe shareholders care about more than just profit, but people and planet too.
We believe when shareholders invest for profit, people, and planet, companies will respond.

What the future holds.

We don’t believe we can predict the future. However…
We believe most cars will be powered by electricity and most roofs will have solar panels.
We believe we’ll be much more energy efficient, and more food will be organic.
We believe the energy we use, the air we breath, and the food we eat, will all be cleaner.
We believe this because these choices will be healthier, more fun, cheaper long term, and simply better.